Maintaining Wellness During Your Trials and Tribulations Newsletter: Week Ending 11-26-11

 Trials and tribulations are a part of the Christian’s walk. Often we want to omit the thought of this reality as we press toward the mark of high calling in
Christ Jesus. The bible teaches us that tribulation works patience. The scripture encourages us in James the 1st.chpt to let patience have its perfect work so as to complete our shortcoming and fill our deficits that we might be complete wanting nothing. As we become more advance in our Christian walk we encounter trials and tribulations of greater opposition and dimension continuously challenging our spiritual resolve. The antidote to this opposition lies in the proactive protocols of holiness and practical life applications.
In addition to our daily regiments of living the Christian life style we must maintain a balance of practical life applications.
I offer these three key applications for your consideration.
The three R's of practically:
Application #1: REST.
Application#2: RELAXATION
Application #3: RECOVERY
These applications should be practice daily as they are key to maintaining balance and wellness. When we are not alert we can get caught up in the daily grind of living going through trials, tribulations, conflict, opposition and obstacles without sufficient regard for rest. The demands on our body and the challenges of our schedules can be so severe that we see rest as optional rather than essential. The though process can become hurried in a effort to accommodate demand and avoid conflict and confrontation, when in reality it diminishes the quality of
presentation. The thinking then becomes if I hurry through the process it will be less painful. The reality is without a period of rest the process can become continuously painful. John Wooden won 10 national champs he was still a very effective
mentor, teacher, and author well into his 90's he is recognized as the most successful college basketball coach and life coach ever. He once said about a very demanding game crisis situation;
He wanted his player to be quick but never in a hurry. Be quick be sharp be decisive but never in a hurry. The rhythm of life includes rest. I was bless to go into the delivery room with
the birth of each of my children as my wife's coach, each time was a tremendous experience. The contractions were rhythmic and increase in strength and duration as the process continued through the birthing of our 3 children. Each period of
labor as we called the act of birthing contraction includes rest between contractions, my job was to help her rest, relax, and recover for the next series of contractions. The breathing technique was designed to aid the process. Before we can produce, create and birth forth the purpose of God we must learn
how to navigate labors of life. Rest, Relax, and Recover.
I believe we are more creative, more tolerant, more alert, and defiantly stronger after a period of rest. I also believe God gave man the gift of rest as a reward for service and labor well performed. Do not allow the enemy to steal your rest
or frustrate you with fatigue; get your rest. Vince Lombardi the great NFL football coach of the Green Bay Packers, said”
fatigue makes cowards of us all". That means under the duress, weariness and tiredness of fatigue we are diminished in strength to the degree that it compromises and attacks the structural integrity of our courage. To simplify we may fail apart under the pressure of our task and lack the strength to finish strong or even finish the task. He took a proactive approach and develop a
system of physical conditioning protocols to address the problem. The protocols enabled his player to overcome fatigue
thus overcome the fears of non-performance due to fatigue. He included in his conditioning regime rest and recovery after vigorous labor. To this day Lambardi is known for his superior championship teams and he is recognized as standard by which greatness is measured in NFL coaches. The Championship Trophy of the NFL is called the Lambardi trophy given to the winner of the super bowl. The rest principle is an established biblical principle. In Genesis the bible states God created the earth in six days and on the seventh day he rested. The
principle of rest and Sabbath was established in the early days of creation. Rest completes the creative cycle and makes way for a renewed cycle of production and creativity. The rest principle is essential to each new creative cycle bring balance spiritually, naturally and emotionally. Proper rest is a key to superior
performance. The lack of proper rest causes us to be anxious and fearful about personal presentation or performance. Remember God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love power and a sound mind. So make sure you get your rest.

Key #2 Relaxation:
Relaxation helps us to negotiate conflict, opposition and confrontation. Relax, breathe deeply and navigate the trial calmly, allow the tribulation to play out and patently draw on the enter strength of Christ. Remember the greater one is in you. You will never encounter anyone or circumstance greater than Jesus Christ and he's your Lord, Savior and Deliver. Trust him. The ability to gain a measure of relaxation during a conflict can have a profoundly positive impact on the outcome. There are many ways to relax; reading, painting, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or simply listening to music, athletic competition, or a mechanical project can provide relaxing diversions for a hectic day. The diversion can release your mind from the captive mental exertion of your Job or hectic schedule. Recreation is a good way to relax after a tedious day. The word recreation is comprised of two words the prefix being (RE) meaning to duplicate, or start again and (create) that act of producing, forming, or making .creation is the act of creating. Being creative helps to renew, refresh, revive, and redirect
our skill sets in to other endeavors. This produces new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and accomplishment, which adds to our personal satisfaction and joy. Remember the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Make time to relax. Relaxing through recreation is a viable option and has physical benefits. Start a praise dance group, get involved in choir, coach a youth team, and setup a recreation night with friends.

Key #3 Recovery
The act of recovery prepares us to take on new challenges. The importance of regaining strength equal to or superior to the task at hand cannot be overstated. Entering a new or pending conflict without a proper period of recovery will likely compound the problem. Taking time to recharge from a trying event is a prudent action and demonstrates maturity and wisdom.
The demand of schedule must be offset by proactive systems of protocols that include events and diversions that promote and encourage wellness, wholeness, and spiritual edification including rest, relaxation, and recovery.

Consider this formula in helping you to balance your Life Style.
Rest 8 hrs. uninterrupted sleep.
Relax1hr. -pleasant lighthearted
Fellowship after work:
laughter, bless, and uplift
Recovery 2hrs meditate, sing, pray
read bible
Transition 1hr.
Total hrs. 12 - half day
Work 8-10 hrs. (8 ideal/ 10 max.)
Discretionary time
2-4 hrs. (Ideal 4 / 2mini.
Total hrs. 24/ 10percent equal 2hr and 40 min.
Consider that a tithes of time given in the daily Sabbath of rest, relax, and recovery. I close with this admonition eat healthy and exercise. The body is the temple of the Lord; we must preserve and maintain it. We need a healthy body in the service of the Lord so rest, relax and recover. Remember to celebrate the victories no matter how small. Do not make a memorial to your defeats or setbacks, press on, rise up, and SHINE unto the glory of God!

In His Service,

Apostle Bobby G. Johnson